Condition Based Maintenance

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Infrared Themography


Thermography: efficient, precise, non-contact analysis of machinery condition using heat generated images to highlight faulty components such as bearings, motors, fuses, relays, power circuits and cabling, steam pipes and traps, drive gears & belts and insulation.

An i2i Thermography Survey can be conducted quickly, safely and with no or minimal interruption to machinery operation - the information collected can be invaluable for targeting maintenance resources where they're needed most. Here at i2i we don’t just take thermal images; we also interpret and provide useful recommendations for our clients. Digital pictures are included in all of our reports, these are taken at the same time as the thermal image, which allows for easy correlation between the images, to identify and pin point the fault location.


i2i Technologies


RIGHT: A Thermography photograph quickly & clearly identifies an overloaded fuse connection.




i2i Technologies


RIGHT: Detection of high bearing temperature in a pulley-side pedestal bearing. The Thermography photograph revealed that the bearing was operating at temperatures exceeding 85 °C



Thermal Imaging for Buildings

i2i Technologies

i2i’s Site Scan service is designed to help to reduce energy losses and increase the reliability of essential support equipment.

  • Thermography surveys to identify thermal heat loss/retention of structures.
  • Insulation improvements can be accurately planned and benefits maximised.
  • Trace pipe or warm air ducting to support and direct efficient maintenance.