Condition Based Maintenance

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Services Provided


Vibration Analysis

i2i Technologies

i2i uses latest technology to collect data from all three planes simultaneously, which makes our machine assessment reports not only more accurate than our competitors but also allows for faster data acquisition and greater access to your plant and equipment from a single point location.



Infrared thermography

i2i Technologies

An i2i Thermography Survey can be conducted quickly, safely and with no or minimal interruption to machinery operation - the information collected can be invaluable for targeting maintenance resources where they're needed most. Digital pictures are included in all of our reports; these are taken at the same time as the thermal image, which allows for easy correlation between images.



ultrasonic emission detection

i2i Technologies

With i2i’s state of the art equipment we can record, analyse and trend sound waves as a one-off survey or part of an ongoing combined technology Condition Maintenance programme. Our high tech equipment can be used to inspect high-voltage apparatus for arcing, tracking and corona and to trend bearing failure.



oil performance monitoring

i2i Technologies

Oil samples are generally processed within 3 working days and a detailed report is then returned to customer either electronically or by post. At the customer’s request, i2i can provide a service to undertake all the sampling through our own engineers.Alternatively, we will forward the requisite number of oil sampling kits to customers, enabling sampling to be conducted by your own maintenance personnel.