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Ultrasonic Detection


i2i Technologies

Ultrasonic: this technology has a versatility that is unmatched in the inspection arena. It can be used to locate leaks, faulty steam traps, electrical emissions and mechanical faults. It also integrates well with both vibration and infrared technologies and can be used independently.

Our latest equipment can be used to inspect high-voltage apparatus for arcing, tracking and corona; to trend bearing failure; and to detect undesirable conditions such as lack of lubrication and the friction that results.  With i2i’s state of the art equipment we can record, analyse and trend sound waves as a one off survey or part of an ongoing combined technology Condition Maintenance programme.




We include the following list of Ultrasonic detection services:

i2i Technologies

Data based Mechanical Inspection/Trending.

  • Bearing Condition.
  • Cavitation.
  • Lack of Lubrication


Data based Leak detection Energy Audits.

  • Leak check survey on Air, Steam and Vacuum systems.
  • Steam trap operation survey.
  • Boilers, Hatches and Valves.


Data based Electrical Inspection.

  • Arcing, Tracking and Corona.
  • Switchgear and Transformers.
  • Insulators, Relays and Bus Bars.



Our data collection and presentation is unique and is represented in easy to follow comprehensive reports.