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IMAC Overview

IMAC is a suite of easy to use yet extremely powerful software tools ranging from simple printer replacement to advanced alarm monitoring and analysis. Providing you with everything you need for the complete alarm management solution.

The IMAC software portfolio consists of five packages:           

IMAC Sentinel:    

Comprehensive alarm handling.

IMAC Xpert:

Real-time alarm analysis for Key Performance Indicators.

IMAC Xpert For Excel:  

Alarm Analysis using Microsoft Excel.

IMAC Custodian:

Replaces Alarm Override and Inhibit log books.

IMAC Sentinel Lite:

Replaces any alarm, event, report or screen dump printers.



IMAC Architecture

The IMAC products are both modular and scalable in design, this allows you to start off with the basics and add new products and tools to your existing ones quickly and easily. None of our systems require you to make any changes to your existing control systems.

IMAC Sentinel is a feature packed product, used for advanced alarm monitoring and handling. IMAC Sentinel Lite is a cost effective way of replacing alarm, event and screen dump printers.

IMAC Xpert connects to IMAC Sentinel to add even more functionality. Providing EEMUA 191 compliant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in real time with little configuration. Nuisance alarms for example can be identified within minutes of installation, standing alarms and alarm rate reports are automatically generated and published on your intranet. In addition to our fully featured user environment, Xpert’s Excel tool allows you to customise your own analysis and reports with the power of Microsoft Excel.

IMAC products adopt a client/server architecture allowing them to be distributed around the network as well as standalone. Clients are available as feature rich workstations as well as thin web clients. All our products run on standard PC’s using the latest Microsoft Operating Systems.


IMAC Alarm Management Solutions

• Eliminate nuisance alarms to improve operator efficiency.
• Enable fast incident reviews.
• Replace alarm, report and screen dump printers.
• Comply with EEMUA guidelines.
• Give immediate results straight out of the box.

Unlike some other systems, IMAC is not simply a range of Excel plug in’s.
IMAC products combine a clear, easy to use operator interface for viewing alarms in a control room, with a powerful suite of engineering tools to perform sophisticated alarm analysis.

Backed by over 15 years experience in the alarm management field and used by over 1000 blue chip customers world wide, IMAC is the Industry Standard for Alarm Management.



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