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i2i Technologies

New Plymouth Power Station

With a net capacity 410 MW, New Plymouth is the second largest thermal power station in the country. Construction began in 1968, with the first of station's five generating units being commissioned in 1974. The station is designed to use either fuel oil or natural gas, which comes from Maui and TAW gas fields.

The station's landmark 198 metre chimney is one of the tallest in New Zealand and has its own elevator within the central core. This elevator is used by personnel maintaining the chimney's five flues. The chimney is designed to sway between five and eight cm during 40 to 60 knot winds.
Contact formally decommissioned one of New Plymouth's five original units when Otahuhu B (in Auckland) was commissioned.


“IMAC System proves a powerful tool in Alarm Management project”

New Plymouth Power Station is currently controlled by Elsag Bailey (ABB) Net 90 DCS system.
The Operator Consoles are Operate IT, Process Portal B.

We replaced one of our six Alarm printers with an IMAC Alarm Management system as a trial. The advantages of the system were obvious right from the first day. The Search Tools allowed us to find tags and/or particular events easily, and quickly which changes a whole lot of data into useful information.

The Alarm Frequency Analysis module is another powerful tool, which is of great assistance to us, as we are in the midst of assessing all our alarms. The IMAC system quickly identifies nuisance alarms as well as problematic plant items.

After a couple of month’s trial, we replaced all our Alarm Printers with the IMAC system and are enjoying the much reduced maintenance, on both the system  in terms of alarm traffic but also physical repairs when it comes to the printers. This has lead to a much increased functionality of our DCS optimizing plant performance.

Gutti Gudjonsson
Systems Engineer
Contact Energy
New Plymouth Power Station
New Zealand