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IMAC Sentinel Lite Replacing Alarm Printers

IMAC Sentinel Lite is a simple, cost effective solution for replacing alarm, event, report and screen dump printers, eliminating the long term cost and reliability issues associated with printer hardware and their consumables.

The product looks and feels exactly the same as IMAC Sentinel, however its functionality has been tailored to meet the requirements of those customers wishing to simply replace printers and who do not need the advanced monitoring and analysis functionality that IMAC Sentinel offers.

Key Features

• Eliminates costs associated with printer consumables.
• Increases reliability, no more lost data through printer failures.
• Captures data from serial inputs.
• Improves audit trails.
• Instantly view and search all historic messages.
• Export and print data automatically and on demand.

IMAC Sentinel Lite easily interfaces to any control system. It captures data from serial inputs enabling it to connect to all of the DCS, PLC, HMI, RTU and data loggers available.

It replaces printers with no changes required to your existing system. Installation and configuration are easy. You simply set up one Window on the screen for each printer you are replacing, then unplug the cables from your printers and plug them into the serial ports on your PC. Each Window acts just like a separate printer displaying the data as it arrives in real time and logging it to the hard disk. The package also allows you to 'zoom in' on either window to quickly search for alarms and events which may have occurred weeks or even months ago.



IMAC Sentinel Lite Functionality

IMAC Sentinel Lite is a data logger designed to replace control room printers. This involves capturing the data from the serial ports and storing it on the hard disk for historic viewing. The user interface is clear and easy to use. Captured data is displayed on the screen in real time. Using the mouse you simply double click the window you wish to look at, this ‘zooms’ in allowing you to view the data more

Viewing Historical Data

Zooming into a window enables you to view the stored messages. From here you can scroll back through the database viewing the alarms and events exactly as they were printed from your control system. The further back you go, the older the messages are that appear in the window. In addition you can also print and export the messages to a file.

Searching for Specific Alarms
or Events

IMAC Sentinel Lite has a powerful search engine which can find any event in the database within seconds. Searches can be trigged from any text, such as tag reference or area number. Date and time ranges can also be applied so only alarms and events for a specific time period can be displayed.

Screen Dump Capture

IMAC Sentinel Lite has the ability to handle graphical screen dumps sent from control systems. When a screen dump is received it is automatically converted and saved as a JPEG. This is then displayed in the relevant window on the screen. It can automatically print this image to the default Windows printer, regardless of its make and model.

IMAC Sentinel Lite has many more standard features including automatic report printing, alarm prioritisation and real time alarm filtering.

IMAC Sentinel Lite takes data that was previously printed and piled up on the floor and transforms it into useful information displayed on the screen and logged to the hard disk. This information can be used by operators and engineers to minimise downtime by quickly identifying the cause of a problem.


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