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IMAC Services



1. Alarm Rationalisation

Easy configuration of tags in the DCS has removed the incentive to limit the number of alarms presented to operators, who are now faced with more alarm information than they can effectively monitor. Nuisance alarms, standing alarms, or alarms that are quite simply unnecessary are all likely consequences.

Regulatory bodies such as the HSE in the UK and OSHA in the USA are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of effective alarm systems, especially following a number of high-profile safety incidents in recent years where the alarm systems have been implicated. Without effective alarm management you cannot be certain that your operators will respond correctly when there is a plant upset. 

The Benchmark Phase: Where Are We Now?
A short, focused study particularly appropriate to existing alarm installations. The study will assess both the alarm system and the operational environment against recognised good practice such as EEMUA 191 and will deliver a written report that quickly establishes the current position with respect to:

•Maturity of alarm handling practice, procedure and culture.
•Assessment against the recommendations in EEMUA 191, highlighting both the areas of good practice and the areas for improvement.
•Recommendations for action, including both the priorities and the ‘quick wins’.

The Plan Phase: What Are We Going To Do?

Working with our partners we have an established set of tools and techniques for reviewing alarm management needs and priorities. These are equally appropriate for working with the results of a benchmark study or an internal client-sponsored review. We help to establish a clear plan of action covering scope, budget and timescales that will deliver a set of goals that are both realistic and will deliver maximum benefit.

The Implementation Phase: Delivering the Benefit

We are uniquely placed to deliver an agreed plan of action. Our consultants and engineers have a practical understanding of the special issues found in advanced control and instrumentation projects and we cover the full implementation phase from detailed design and definition, vendor selection and project management through to commissioning.

Because our service is based on a life cycle approach it is not tied to a specific technology or vendor, meaning that throughout we are geared towards ‘delivering the right system’ and ‘delivering the system right’.

The Review Phase: Holding the Gains

This is a periodic assessment of the operational alarm system, post change, against defined success criteria to verify that,

•Planned improvements have been achieved
•Benefit gains are being held.

It is normally better to approach an alarm improvement initiative using an iterative approach rather than attempting a ‘big bang’ change. This assessment is invaluable for re-assessing priorities for future projects, thereby driving the cycle of improvement forward.

Combining ICS products and services mean that effective alarm management can now be achieved with minimal effort for maximum effect.

•Initial “benchmarking” of alarm system performance and compliance with the recommended standards.
•Reduction of standing alarms.
•Definition of rules for alarm prioritization.
•Provision of onsite training for operators and engineers in alarm management.
•Development of an ongoing alarm management procedure backed up by measurement of key performance indicators.

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2. Customer Training

Our training courses are arranged on a one company to one trainer basis. Designed to offer practical experience, they enable you to learn about IMAC’s comprehensive alarm monitoring and analysis functionality in a relaxed, workshop style environment.

Whether you are a control room operator or supervisor, course content can be tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring you leave the training with the skills and confidence needed to tackle day-to-day alarm management issues.

Learn how to use your IMAC system to,

•Establish the effectiveness of your control system
•Demonstrate alarm management improvements
•Quickly carry out incident investigations
•Significantly reduce the number of alarms on site
•Conform to HSE and OHSA guidelines

Due to the number and wide geographic distribution of installed IMAC systems, we have the facilities to offer training courses on the customer’s site wherever they are in the world.

Fully trained staff and an optimised IMAC system can increase production levels, increase profitability and improve overall site safety by improved alarm handling.

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3. Installation and Commissioning

We pride ourselves in supplying alarm management solutions. This means not simply delivering a box of software, but instead working closely together to ensure the system is configured to offer optimum performance for the specific application.

Our team of engineers are on hand to install, commission and configure IMAC software anywhere in the world, onshore or offshore, we are able to fully support our customers.

Working with our partners, we also offer a complete range of services from simple alarm management health checks to comprehensive, site wide alarm rationalisation projects.

Contact us at to arrange a demonstration.


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