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IMAC Xpert for Excel
Alarm Analysis using Microsoft Excel

IMAC Xpert has a proven track record for sophisticated real-time analysis in demanding applications where effective alarm management is paramount. Building on this success we have developed IMAC Xpert for Excel, a simple plug-in which allows alarm analysis to be carried out using Microsoft Excel.

IMAC Xpert for Excel includes a number of standard report templates. However, the real benefit of this product is that it allows the user to create custom reports using the standard tools provided within Microsoft Excel.

Standard Report Templates Include

• Alarm count by console.
• Alarm count by tag.
• Alarm distribution over time.
• Operator interventions per tag.
• Operator interventions over time.
• Operator interventions ratio.
• Standing alarms moment.
• Standing alarms duration.
• Standing alarms over time.
• Chattering alarms.
• Symptomatic analysis.

When installed, analysis options appear in Microsoft Excel on a drop-down menu. Simply select the type of analysis you require, enter some simple parameters (e.g. date and time ranges) and a new data sheet is created. The results are displayed as tables and graphs.




To learn more about how IMAC Xpert for Excel can enhance your alarm analysis capabilities, contact us at to arrange a demonstration.