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Oil Analysis (Tribology)


i2i Technologies

Oil Analysis (Tribology): small samples of used oil can reveal an incredible wealth of information regarding the health and condition of both the machine and the lubricant that is in use to protect its components. Managed Oil Services can analyse the lubricants from your operating plant, returning concise information:

  • Summarising the wear state of your equipment.
  • Detailing oil condition & fitness for continued protection.
  • Offering recommendation in the event that corrective maintenance is deemed necessary to prevent expensive, unscheduled downtime.


Using various methods of lubricant and debris analysis, a detailed picture of water and contamination causes can be identified and trended over time to allow early response to potential failures.

Oil analysis provides precise information concerning both the health of machinery components and the effectiveness of current lubrication protection:-

  • Oil analysis will detect the ingress of dirt, water or other contaminants into machinery – providing a warning when oil effectiveness is compromised.
  • All machinery produces microscopic wear particles through normal, everyday operation. Regular analysis identifies accelerated wear early – i.e. when a component begins to deteriorate – allowing preventative action to be scheduled before a failure occurs.
  • The chemical balance of lubricants and additive packages is critical & many factors can contribute to an oil ‘wearing out’ prematurely. Tribology monitors oil chemistry to warn when lubrication and additive packages are approaching the end of its operational life.


i2i Technologies

Ineffective lubrication is the single biggest cause of machinery failures – oil analysis provides the ‘window’ into understanding and controlling the quality of lubrication within your machinery.

Scenario: The customer requires a regularly conducted analysis service of all, or a high quantity of units.

When a customer indicates they wish to commence a scheduled oil analysis program, we will first identify the number of samples required & the frequency of sampling necessary based on the criticality of each unit.

At the customer’s request, i2i can provide a service to undertake all the sampling through our own engineers. Alternatively, we will forward the requisite number of oil sampling kits to customers, enabling sampling to be conducted by your own maintenance personnel.

Oil samples are generally processed within 3 working days and a detailed report is then returned to customer either electronically or by post. If, during analysis, an oil sample reveals a critical problem, our technicians will contact the customer immediately to warn of potential dangers and any remedial action. Your report includes comments on plant & lubricant condition, and where necessary, makes recommendations for action.