Condition Based Maintenance

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CBM Overview


'The power to eliminate breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs & operational capacity / increase production.'

i2i Technologies

Even the most thorough & comprehensive routine maintenance program cannot stop faults developing in machinery – worst-case scenario is that faults lead to unexpected failures before your next scheduled maintenance break.

Condition Maintenance puts you in the driving seat to actively prevent breakdowns and optimise maintenance resources where and when they’re needed.

Condition Maintenance assess the health of a machine by periodic monitoring and analysis of data obtained during operation. Efficient, non-intrusive to the production process and with the proven potential to save thousands of dollars in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance – Condition Maintenance is the proven, preventative maintenance approach for early fault detection and prevention in all types of production machinery.

i2i has the expertise to select or combine a number of Condition Maintenance tools to provide the most effective monitoring package for your operations. We have introduced the benefits of Condition Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance to organisations both large and small in practically every type of industry.