Condition Based Maintenance

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Vibration Analysis


i2i Technologies

Vibration Analysis: is a predictive maintenance method, which allows early problem identification in active machines. i2i uses latest tri-axial technology to collect data from all three planes simultaneously from all three channels; this offers a significant cost and labour saving benefit over single plane data acquisition. Only one sensor attachment and measurement cycle is necessary at each bearing monitored, with a single surface preparation at each bearing is necessary. Collecting tri-axial data from each location with no additional labour gives our analysts a much more complete set of data from which to diagnose machinery faults compared with a set of single axis measurements. This makes our machine assessment reports not only more accurate than our competitors but also allows for faster data acquisition and greater access to your plant and equipment from a single point location leading to a more cost effective service.


i2i Technologies


  • Identifies quality of machine manufacture, installation and component defects
  • Detection of a wide range of rotating/reciprocating faults
  • Multi dynamic alarm/alerts limits
  • Detection of lubrication problems
  • Time trace analysis and transient capture
  • Data library for comparative analysis




We offer both a data collection service by our trained engineers along with full analysis, which includes a preliminary report that identifies any OUT of LIMIT equipment faults and problem rectification while our engineers are still on site.